I am sitting at my desk working with Olive under my feet and I have to tell you she is an unbelievable blessing to us. I enclosed some pics of her ride home and her new favorite place in the house. She is so smart and sweet natured and beautiful to boot. My father who is not a true dog lover even said, she looks like a model dog and he held her and melted… a big leap for a man like my dad.

She is doing so well already, eating all her food in one sitting and doing her business outside. She walks pretty well on the leash and has almost mastered “sit.” She cries very little when put in her crate at night. She hasn’t had a full work day alone but is doing well by herself for an hour here and there. Matthew is already talking about getting her a playmate next spring. Her first vet visit is Monday, we found a vet a little farther from our home than we would like but the people there seemed so much more knowledgeable than our local options. Only the best for this little lady! Her other first this week was a bath, and I can tell that spaniel blood is strong, she’ll be swimming by our Kayak’s by fall. Again, thank you! I feel like there was never a time without her.
— Dianne Zabor

Olive is so smart, sweet natured
and beautiful!



"Ollie makes everyone happy!"

Last year we finally got a Cavalier and it was amazing. Our dog makes everyone around happy. I don’t know what it would be like without him. Our family truly loves Ollie and Ollie truly loves the family!
— Ben C. - 13

“The best experience of my entire life"

I got a cavalier about a year ago named Ollie, and it has been the best experience of my entire life. I love the breed of dogs because they are so fun and all they want to do is cuddle and play, in fact he is lying on me right now. Ollie has been so much easier to take care of then I expected and I don’t regret a single bit of getting him. He makes my family so much more happy, and is the cutest little thing I have ever seen.
— Annie C. - 10


The best thing we ever did!!!

My wife and I bought a male Blenheim Cavalier from Eileen four years ago. Two years ago, we bought a tri-color female from her. They are the best thing we ever did!!! Murphy and Maddie are actually brother and sister and they sure act it!!

We have found that Eileen is a dedicated and enthusiastic breeder. We had a scare with Murphy when he was two years old, when it appeared he was having seizures. Eileen checked with us almost daily and went back through his bloodlines to see if this issue had occurred before. Fortunately, it hadn’t, and the old Murph is a happy, healthy and slightly over weight dog today. Maddie is another story!! She loves being outdoors, and will chase anything that moves!! We have a large fenced in yard, so run she can!!

In summary, we cannot feel any stronger about Eileen and the dogs she has. We were in touch with other breeders when we first thought about a dog, and Eileen was head and shoulders above them. She is a great lady, may be best described as a piece of work, but we think she is the best!!
— Dave Long, Eastham, MA

We wanted to share some pics of Murphy with you! He is doing great and it feels like he’s been part of our family forever already! We couldn’t be happier and I think if he could speak, he would say the same!!
— Regina, Ken, Angela, Julia, Anthony & Sofia

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